Sunday, 25 November 2012

Don't want to touch it

Cellotape and dirt are holding this book together
Is the weather to blame for the state of this book?
Has it really fallen apart 'quickly'?
Or is it because it dates from 1974...

                                   which makes it nearly 40 years old.

Silly Billys

Two brothers take sharing to extreme measures injuring themselves in the process.
Apparently school books fall apart 'quickly' because they're taken out of school in all weathers...nothing to do with being antiques.

Samuel's verdict: It's yucky. I don't want to touch it.

School's definition of quickly:  Anything happening over a period of 40 years.
The rest of the world's definition of quickly: at a fast speed, rapidly.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Another 70s classic held together by cellotape

Just about beats grandma's knitting a hat adventure
A club that looks like a chicken leg

Rubbish grandpa

Why don't they just eat him or the cellotape?

Grandpa goes hunting

Samuel's verdict: Poo

Laurie's verdict: I thought I'd never have the bad luck to see this book again. It's even worse than I remembered.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Farts, feathers or hot air?

Chef points at the strange gas being emitted from the top of the General's helmet
Though her pony doesn't look so happy
The Mascot 
A marching band come across a range of unsuitable animals in their search for a mascot until they find Mary and her pony. First printed in 1978 with a school stamp from 1991, making this book at least 22 years old at our school and by no means the oldest. Some parents who went to the school as kids are now bringing back the same turgid rubbish that they had to read. Old books aren't a problem if they're as charming as this one but many just aren't worth rescuing with cellotape.
Luke's verdict: Why has he got farts coming out of his head?

Friday, 2 November 2012

Stupid lips

One too many botox sessions?

Hair not princely enough


Ugly sisters sport bizarre lips plates usually only seen on tribespeople like those of the Brazilian Kayopo tribe in this version of the classic fairytale.

Seven-year-old Genevieve's verdict: The illustrations are awful - the ugly sisters' lips look ridiculous. They're not funny. Cinerella doesn't look pretty and the Prince has stupid hair. They are trying to make it interesting for children but in fact they spoil the story which everyone normally loves. The story was quite good and I liked reading the different parts.