Saturday, 26 January 2013

Tim and the Hidden Illustrations

The front page has almost been washed away by the waves...or 20 years of little fingers? 

Inside fares little better with the pages looking like they've been soaked by the sea 

The Storm over the Sea 

A boy and his friends are trying to escape some witches but their boat gets caught up in a storm in this 20 year-old cellotaped special.

Tom's verdict:  A bit grubby and a bit boring.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Spineless Toey and his creepy owner

Poor Toey looks on aghast at the state of his spine

No wonder he's taking refuge in the jungle 

Journalist Fred Dinenage

Mark and Josie get a new ginger kitten called Toey but one day they go to the jungle at the bottom of their garden and lose him. Or do they? Has Toey in fact run away, deciding to fend for himself rather than being fed and petted by a young Fred Dinenage wearing a toupe and pinny? After giving up hope of ever finding Toey, they get a new kitten, a tabby with shiny paws. But a few weeks later they come across poor Toey in the jungle and make him return home.

Laurie's verdict: Apart from the creepy mum and the fact that it looks as though it's going to fall apart at any moment, I really liked the story.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Cops and robber hats

Ben and Katy see bank robbers leaping into a Starsky and Hutch-style car

 Katy looks on in surprise as her friend levitates at the park entrance

Took him to see a what? 
Looks like the gap in the park railings has shrunk preventing the robbers escape
 Cross robber wearing cake mixture throws a dark look at the pesky kids
Katy and Ben mime the whole adventure to uninterested mum 

The Bank Robbers

Katy and Ben watch inept bank robbers hide in a park with only one rapidly shrinking entrance and foil their escape.

Samuel's verdict: The plot is stupid. The robbers would take off their robber hats and go home.

Monday, 7 January 2013

How do you make a princess cry?

Ghosts and sad stories don't work 

Not even 50 spiders crawling on her bed makes her shed a princessy tear

Neither does the wise man with his big dragon in the woods 

The Princess who could not cry

For some bizarre reason the King thinks there's something wrong with his daughter because she's always laughing and happy in this 1991 special. He employs the services of several wise men who devise various nasty surprises to make her blub, but they find that only onions do the trick.

Samuel's verdict: Reading our school books would make her cry.