Saturday, 19 January 2013

Spineless Toey and his creepy owner

Poor Toey looks on aghast at the state of his spine

No wonder he's taking refuge in the jungle 

Journalist Fred Dinenage

Mark and Josie get a new ginger kitten called Toey but one day they go to the jungle at the bottom of their garden and lose him. Or do they? Has Toey in fact run away, deciding to fend for himself rather than being fed and petted by a young Fred Dinenage wearing a toupe and pinny? After giving up hope of ever finding Toey, they get a new kitten, a tabby with shiny paws. But a few weeks later they come across poor Toey in the jungle and make him return home.

Laurie's verdict: Apart from the creepy mum and the fact that it looks as though it's going to fall apart at any moment, I really liked the story.

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