Thursday, 28 March 2013

Dirty, rotten, lying goose and the golden egg

    A sweet tale about a duck's quest
to find a golden egg

where he finds one

of every colour

except gold... 

 until he enlists some help from his friends
 and at last their quest is over...a golden egg!

Except bare-faced liar of a goose denies all knowledge

and palms them off with a chocolate egg from Lidl
The Golden Egg
Despite being pictured sitting on a golden egg, the goose states: 'I do not have an egg of gold,' and even shakes her head to reiterate the point. Is this a publishing error? Or is there a more sinister explanation? Has the goose changed the words after watching all the 'cash for gold' TV adverts and is planning to sell it.
Luke's verdict: What? The rabbits and ducks know the goose is a big, fat liar. They're looking at her as if she's mad. But she's bigger than them.


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