Thursday, 2 May 2013

A special investigation into a 40-year-old school book

It's another Tim and the Hidden in Grime Illustrations special 

and is it any wonder that the book is falling apart 

as it dates from at least the 1970s when

Wyndgate Secondary School was around

which means thousands of kids, some of whom are probably grandparents now, must have read 

all of Tim's mind-numbingly boring adventures 

The Pool by the Whispering Trees (at least that's what we think it says if you squint).

Yet more evidence that the school's assertion that its school books get 'damaged quickly by little fingers' is WRONG. This one is stamped Wyndgate Secondary School. Using our amazing powers of investigation, we discovered the school closed down in the 1970s and must have been given to our primary school in...God knows when. Shortly afterwards? Or perhaps the school scavenged it from a skip along with all the others in its reading scheme? 

Or maybe I'm just really stupid and misheard. It's not a reading scheme, where children are  encouraged to be lifelong readers by giving them access to up to date and engaging books, but in fact a germ breeding scheme. Now everything makes sense.

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  1. I love old books, but this one has seen better days. Much better to have books that are read, rather than books that sit on a shelf untouched. But do books actually carry germs?