Monday, 8 October 2012

Lost the will to live

Boring monkey boring his monkey friends
A real monkey shortly after reading Little Monkey

Another monkey two weeks after reading it
No monkeying around

We lost the will to live half way through Little Monkey's 24 pages of dullness. We persevered till page 12 and then decided to call it a day. Kasper seemed to think this book was hard but he actually read it very well -  I think what he meant was it is very hard work. Dates from 1984 but originally printed in 1978, which I think makes this one a vintage read. The sellotape and wrinkly cover are probably the most endearing features of this book. Several generations of children will have suffered this. Should I do the next generation a favour by misplacing it in the recycling bin?

Six-year-old Kasper's verdict: This is very long and very boring and very hard and I don't want to read it.

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