Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My head is going to explode

Devious little Sammy finds an unlikely hiding place...

Sammy's New Yellow Jumper

The scintillating tale of Sammy whose mother buys him a... yellow jumper and his pathetic attempts to hide it under/on various household furniture. How many times can you make a child say yellow jumper, yellow jumper, yellow jumper, YELLOW JUMPER. Sammy is sad. He doesn't like his yellow jumper. WE KNOW. It is obvious on page 1 that he won't like his yellow jumper. You don't have to tell us again and again over 12 pages.

Verdict: Luke, 6: My brain is going to explode if I had to say yellow jumper one more time.

Look out for: The sequel, Sammy's New Red Jumper when he finally snaps and stabs himself to death.

Is there no end to Sammy's ingenious hiding places?

Sammy's New Yellow Jumper as featured in Terrible stories and other tigers 

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