Monday, 15 October 2012

Grandma needs to broaden knitting horizons

The only surprise is that someone could be bothered to write a book about it

What wonderful creation has inspired this exciting tale of knitting?

Grandma’s surprise
We were excited about the surprise Grandma was knitting and we debated what it could be. Tabitha thought the surprise might be a knitted lion that came to life and played with the children. Her sister Zoe thought it might be some magical knitted cakes that tasted real. I ventured that Grandma could be knitting a pair of enchanted support hose that turned her into a ninja.

The denouement revealed that Grandma was knitting a hat for the boy to wear to church. That was Grandma's surprise. When have you ever been surprised by a hat? It didn't even look that warm.

Tabitha, 6: A knitted hat is not a very exciting surprise.

Mum, 36: Grandma needs to broaden her craft horizons. Perhaps she could surprise her family by joining a stitch 'n bitch upcycling collective?

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