Thursday, 18 October 2012

I don't like looking at them

Flat-headed aliens at a primary school near you

They invent a train with propellers so that it won't cause a crash

Because a flying train piloted by aliens would never cause a crash...

Pol and Pax on earth

The adventures of Pol and Pax who come from the land of three moons and a ring, and eat slices of brain food to make them extra clever. They invent a money machine, a flying train and a slide to rescue children from a burning school.

Six-year-old Luke's verdict: They are too freaky-looking. I don't like looking at them and their stupid flat heads. I don't like their ears or their hair or their suits.

The sequel: Pol and Pax in Jail. The cheeky aliens try to invent their way out of a high-security prison after being found guilty of causing a packed commuter train to crash into an old people's home being visited by local schoolchildren.

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